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‘Suicide Risk #10:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Y’all familiar with Suicide Risk?  It’s this new(ish) comic by BOOM! Studios written by Mike Carey with art by Joerge Coelho. It’s this whole thing.  Basically, (catch-up time) there is this cop who nearly gets killed by these super nasty super villains, and he realizes that there is no way he can stop them without dying.  At the same time, he is offered (for a chunk of change) that chance to develop super powers, thereby giving him a bit of an edge in his fight.  Like you, me, and the rest of the world, he takes his shot.

WHAM!  He’s got these awesome, like, gravity nature powers and gets ready to rumble . . . but things get complicated.  The bad guys are a bit weird and a bit powerful (even still) and a bit culty, and he kind of makes this deal whereby he joins them to save his family.

BOOM!  They take part of Mexico over as their own country.  As you do.  I mean, it wasn’t really being used anyway, right?  And, our hero starts to realize that maybe, just maybe, he’s remembering a different life (as are the rest of the Super Crew) where he might be a God or something.  It’s not super clear.

BIFF!  Back to normalcy, and back to the “power brokers” who sold him his powers to begin with.  That’s where this comic comes in.  Basically, this is some back story as to how this all came to be.  And, just like the last nine comics in this series . . . it’s damn good.  I won’t spoil anything, but this comic starts (doesn’t complete, mind you) answering some questions about how this all came to be.  It also starts implying that there might be a greater force involved than A) Super Guys and B) normals that die.  I think this is the comic that kicks off the real conflict.

. . . and I still am not certain who the bad guys are.

In conclusion, for those of you who have been reading Suicide Risk, it’s not like you wouldn’t read this issue.  For those of you haven’t been reading Suicide Risk, you’re actually missing out.  This isn’t me talking about some break-out artist who might go somewhere or some neat idea that could get traction.  This is me telling you, with certainty, that Suicide Risk will be one of the greatest comics of 2013 (and now 2014, I guess).  It’s already gathered a following, which is pretty freaking hard to do.  I recommend buying the first issue and checking it out.  It’s cheap and it’s a back issue, so suck it up.

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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