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‘Wrath #1:’ Comic Book Review

This review is about Wrath, a pretty cool storyline about a world where the superheros go all crazy blind evil zombie cannibals on the population . . . which is pretty much apocalyptic.  Cool idea, likely a great story, and everyone loves an apocalypse, superheros, and zombies; this appears to have all 3.  Except Wrath, the comic, is secondary in this review.  The real focus here is on the 3D art within this online comic.  It’s pretty weird.

So anyway, Shaheed Muttaqi is one of the writers (the other is Mike Name) and is responsible for the art.  And, the art is crazy.  Think of it as mannequin characters within a PS2 game from 2003 or so . . . the art is rendered like that.  It ranges from freaking incredible to retro weird.  It’s distracting – so much so that I had to stop and really look at the panels to imprint the main character’s face, so I could recognize him in future panels.  This kind of art is truly unique (to me) in a comic and will take some getting used to, but, if this is the art, while nascent, it’s going to be freaking incredible once technology and artists truly master it.  Do I like it?  Heck, I’m an old guy and can’t handle change in general, so I don’t know.  More to come.

The main character (I think?) has a typical zombie introduction, where he wakes up after being knocked unconscious for 3 days and meets some survivors . . . who are archetypical and very, very familiar to those who read these kind of stories on a regular basis.  Anyway, his lack of focus causes crazy drama, and the comic ends with us wondering if this is the end.  I could read these things forever; they’re like crack skittles for my soul.  You’ll love the story, too.

Now, my review over all.  Dunno, man.  You need to read this comic for yourself, then come back to and comment on this article. What did you think?  I think I’m going to love this new paradigm, if it takes off, but it’s like seeing the chick from Avatar for the first time.  She’s all foreign and weird, but by the end of six hours of watching the movie, you hate James Cameron and think she is hot.  Hopefully, this will have the same general feel, without the feeling of never-ending interminability.

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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