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‘Mass Effect: Foundation #5’ – Advance Comic Book Review (Time for Some Answers)

Assuming you have a soul, a pulse, and a brain, you’re as addicted to the Mass Effect saga as I am.  If you’re unfamiliar with the phenomenon, read the next paragraph, cook up a batch of ME, mainline it, and then read the rest of this review.  Seriously – the entire saga is paradigm shifting, mind altering, life changing and damn good.  For those of you with a brain, soul, pulse, and the knowledge I’ve just imparted, I’m here to tell you about the new comic from Dark Horse, Mass Effect: Foundation #5, which is due to hit stores any second.

Yeah yeah – like all the others, it’s written by Mac Walters, who was the lead writer of Mass Effect 2 and 3 (the game, not the comics).  He’s kind of a big deal, genius, voice of a generation, etc., and he did some awesome work with this little baby.  Namely, he’s telling us what happened between Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2.

Yep – I bold-faced that.  It’s big.  Like, every Mass Effect fan ever (Yep, italics now.) wants to know this.  Kai Leng didn’t get the mission, and Miranda Lawson and Jacob Taylor are tracking down the remains of Shepard.  His body (Alive?) may or may not be held by some Batarians, on a scary planet, and Miranda and Jake are on the case.

Oh, and this is also an intro into how Jacob was recruited by Cereberus. (Yep – BOLD.)  Seriously, this comic will serve to educate and entertain heaps of Mass Effect fans.  If you’re not a fan, see instructions in paragraph one.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Oh yeah – the comic rocks in its own right.  Mr. Walters writes like no other, and the art (Matt Clark) is cleam, chiseled, sci-fi prettiness.  I suggest reading 1 through 4 before #5, but, frankly, #5 can stand on its own.  The only drawback (I guess?) is this is clearly not a one-comic story, so we have at least a couple more to round this one out.  I’ll be waiting by the comic stand.

Yours in Sci-Fi Nerdiness,
Simply Jack

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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