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‘Sharky:’ A Love Story of a Review

If you’re like me (and you are. Admit it.), you’ve had an on-again/off-again love story with a number of characters from Marvel’s and DC’s Universes.  Thor was super cool for the ’80s, but then they shaved him and he was lame.  Then, he got cool again, and then crap.  Then, he peeled Iron Man out of his armor, and I was all, “I love you, man!” and now . . . meh.  Iron Man: same thing.  Batman, I’ve kind of always liked, but with 432 weekly comics to choose from, at least ONE of them has to be good, right? Anyway, what I’m saying is I was suffering from Alpha Hero Fatigue.  I needed a new spin and a little bit of charm/fun/silliness to get me going . . .  and Deadpool lost most of those things about 18 year ago. (He just doesn’t know it.)

So, what’s a fatigued comic nerd to do, you ask?  I have the perfect answer.

Read Sharky.

It’s written by Dave Elliot and “arted” by Alex Horley.  Dave is kind of “The Man,” having worked on some pretty incredible titles (for instance, A1!) as an artist, writer, editor, and “The Man.”   If you don’t him know, that’s cool – just read the rest of this review, and then read Sharky, and we’ll be square.  Now.  Do it.  Alex Horley is freaking awesome.  You’ve seen his stuff, as he’s worked everywhere, for everyone.  His artwork is DARK, which I love.  He loves the gloss, he loves shadows, and he loves a straightforward image (no squinting and tilting your head to try to see the picture).  Seriously – he’s kind of a big deal.

Okay – so now you know Sharky is a series of comics (now a hardcover) that may have something to do with superhero fatigue, not Deadpool, and is written/arted by some heavy hitters.  You can stop reading now, or I can give you some more info on what you’re getting into.  Here we go:

So, there is this kid, and he may or may not have a huge, bad-a– alter ego.  He lives in a slightly different world where The Mask (as in Jim Carrey’s magnum opus character), Outrider (twisted version of Odin’s Destroyer Armor), Thor (a chic!! And, she’s wearing the BEST outfit.), and Ravenclaw (Batman, in verse) all exist.  As do others.  They laugh, they cry, they FIGHT, and stuff happens.  It’s a comic.  I don’t write spoilers.

BUT, IT IS AWESOME!  Fun, clever, surprising (at times), and crass – this story reminds you why you read comics to begin with.  Lots of inside jokes for us nerds and plenty of action and character stuff for those who need more than inside jokes and small outfits on female Thor.

In short – I recommend it.  So, you should buy it, then read it.  Then, go ahead and comment that this is the BEST review ever. 

Nice job.


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