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‘Star Wars: Ewoks—Shadows of Endor’ – Advance TPB Review

My editor recently offered up Star Wars: Ewoks – Shadows of Endor by Zack Giallongo for review.  As a child of Star Wars and a true and avid hater of all “new” Star Wars stuff, how could I resist my urge to grab this opportunity to tear into this comic like a Womprat might tear into a Monkey Lizard.  My naïve editor thought I’d be nice, and Voila! I am the official reviewer of Ewoks, and you get to read my scathing review!

Let’s get the “review-y” stuff out of the way.  The art was fun – very much Hanna Barbera with its facial expressions, characterization, and inks.  Lots of bright solids (It just kind of felt ’70s/early ’80s.) which fit rather nicely with Star Wars, as those were the years when Star Wars actually was good.  Zack Giallongo also did the art, and for his nice work in getting me into the right decade to appreciate Ewoks, I give him credit.  It’s a good job; expect a bit of a flashback to the years of Alf and the Ewok’s Christmas Special.

Now, my backstory . . . it’s Ewoks.  We all agree that Ewoks are precursors to Lucas’ plunge into Jamaica a la Jar Jar.  We all know that Endor should have been Kashyyyk, the homeworld of the Wookies, but for a variety of reasons, Wicket and his ilk became the smallest stand-ins/stunt doubles ever.  Finally, everyone is aware that Ewoks themselves can be a little bit of joke.  These are all just givens.

Mr. Giallongo dives right into story, which takes place just before Return of the Jedi , with a “pre-adventure” introducing us to the characters, races, and general background to get you going.  We’ve got the ‘main’ characters from Jedi in abundance, with Wicket W. Warwick front and center.  The dialogue, the story, the themes, and the movie references (a lot of them, actually) . . . were all quite entertaining.

I know!  I expected the same thing!  I wanted to hate, mock, and ridicule the entire piece of work.  Instead, I found myself enjoying the read.  It’s not complicated, it’s not dark – so anyone who knows me already should expect a nice flambé in lieu of a review.  Instead, I liked it a lot.  The story includes magic, other races on Endor that I wasn’t aware of (or had blocked out), and other tidbits of which I am relatively sure takes the Star Wars galaxy away from the straight and narrow of what George envisioned back in the ’70s.  And, it’s a fun damn read! If you’re a Star Wars fan and have learned to adjust (by “adjust” I mean “hate”) to the new age of Jar Jar and young “Ani,” then it is right up your alley. It is old school and wholesome Star Wars fun.   Also, the comic is self-aware enough to not take itself 100% seriously, without becoming a mockery.  Read it, Star Wars junkies – and if you have kids, this is perfect for them, too.


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