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‘Dungeons & Dragons Cutter #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

If you’ve been reading Forgotten Realm’s Dungeons & Dragons comic, Cutter, then you know it’s a pretty compelling piece of work.  The main character, who has a very long name which I will abbreviate to ‘Duom,’ is a half-drow/half-elf female just coming of age.  While sparring with her brother, a magic sword ‘helped’ her to defeat him in what had become much bigger than a sparring match.  The sword, handed from father to son usually, is smart (it talks), evil (not nice at all), and bloodthirty (kills everything).  Oh, and crazy powerful.  Duom has adventures while running away from the village while her Dad (and Mom) track her down.  Her father finally gets to her, and that’s where Issue #5 picks up.

If you’re on Issue #5, I assume you know that the story and art are pretty great.  Duom is deep under the spell of the sword; she had often become almost possessed.  She has done some pretty rough stuff, and now that Dad is there, I wondered what he had in mind . . . and based on what happened in #4, I expected it to be not very nice.  Was I disappointed?

Actually, without me spoiling anything, I’ll tell you this: you get a much deeper glimpse of his character in this comic, and the story finally starts to expand to include a “where is this going” answer.  So, in essence, this comic is a bit twistier/suprisier/more illuminating (illuminiar?) than the last 4 issues.  Also, the issue has quite a bit more “story” and slightly less spreads of climbing mountains and killing orcs – so more stuff gets done.

Should you read it?  Well, you’ve already read Issues #1 through #4, so it’s probably a given that you’ll buy it and read it.  The good news is that #5 is where the story gets deeper and the comic a little less one dimensional, so, of course, you should read it – and you’ll like it.  I loved it.

If by some off chance you haven’t read #1 through #4, read ‘em!  This is not a comic for D&D nerds – it’s a cool story, great art, and dark, dark dark!

Just the way I like it.


Simply Jack


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