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‘Dark Talisman:’ Advance Book Review

My editor keeps having me review books, and they are so much more difficult to write a blurb about than a comic.  There’s, like, chapters.  And, no pictures.  And, lots and lots of words.  I just read one for you: Dark Talisman by Steven M. Booth.  I actually enjoyed it; it was fun . . . but I think you’ve got to be a certain person to actually really enjoy it.  I’ll tell you why.

So, basically, it’s all fantasy with dark elves (and not dark elves) and dwarves and phoenix. (Plural for phoenix, right?)  The heroine is a dark elf, and she Robin Hoods this bad sultan guy of some trinkets and stuff . . . but it turns out that the trinkets included something world changing and powerful, and now our ‘innocent’ lass is on the run.

But, Steven doesn’t let her go without some impressive tools.  She’s bad a–. 

So, that’s the plot.  I’m not spoiling anything, as his blurb on his site covers as much as I said.  Let’s talk about quality.

Steven is a detail storm trooper.  There are some forty (40) characters actually listed on the “characters you should know page.”  Forty.  That’s a lot.  That’s about half of the characters listed on the Wikipedia page of War and Peace.  This isn’t a problem, so long as you’re a nerd like me.  You like video games with crazy storylines with a million characters?  You like to see saintly characters interact with piracy?  You love DETAIL?  Then, this is good. 

And, another thing:  it’s basically a Dungeons & Dragons book.  As in: FANTASY.   If you dabble in the occasional historical fiction with a bit of magic or whatever thrown in . . . don’t just dive into this.  The book expects a solid foundation in nerdiness for its readers.  Be a nerd.

Finally . . . it’s good.  Well written. Compelling.  Sequel-likely (and worthy), I recommend this book to all of you nerds out there.  I wasn’t terribly surprised by the ending, but the immersive, comfortable, and wildly fantastic (as in Fantasy!!!) world.

A little on Stevie. (I don’t have his permission to call him that – don’t tell.)  He does everything.  3D effects on movies like Transformers 3, ballroom dancing, writing, sumo wrestling; lava spelunking, sun walking . . . check out his site.  He actually looks interesting, and likeable.  Maybe that’s why I liked his book as much as I did.

– Jack

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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