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‘Tabatha #2:’ Comic Book Review

Fine.  I’m drunk.  I tried to download Tabatha #2 at 7 p.m.  It failed.  I drank.  8 p.m.  Fail.  9 p.m.  Epic fail.  11:26 p.m.  Great success.  All the typos of my drunk writing have been cleansed by my editor.  Has my soul been cleansed by Neil Gibson? No.  Neil, you owe me dinner.

Okay, so all of you (3?) people read my world-acclaimed review of Tabatha #1 and expected life-changingly deep and powerful stuff (I’m drunk) in comic number two.  Well, be disappointed.  I was.  But, it still rocked out.  Dammit.  It’s confusing . . .

Neil Gibson is likely the real deal.  He tricked me.  The initial comic was amazing.  Luke, the main character, is a weak, but funny, nerd who dabbled in criminality (harmless really).  He was innocent in a Greatest American Hero kind of way, and terrible things happened.  He’s likely dead by the end of the comic.  And, this contributor (me) was engaged in Neil’s comic. It was f***king good.

So, anyway, it turns out that there are FOUR main characters in the FOUR-part series.  So, it’s a character development thing.  Comic #2 follows comic #1 like a stoat strokes to a rabbit (google it).   It is consistent.  The main character (now Luke’s brother, Fin), is the focal point of the comic and is actively seeking answers in the case of the missing (mostly) brother.  He ‘guts up’ and goes for a gun revenge thing (much like #1 had comic relief), then terribly funny things happen.

Short story? Neil Gibson delivers.  #2 is engaging and now FUNNY (which is unexpected – but he’ll do it again).   He’s injected a degree of predictability to his story, allowing his audience the illusion of control.  Well done.  We’ll now all buy issue #3.  And, I imagine issue #3 will be one of those “I knew it!” stories . . . but the question is:

“Will issue #4 be amazing?”

No pressure, Neil, but it better be . . .  ‘cause #1 and #2 are damn good.  Don’t let me (us – all 4 of my readers and me) down.

Simply Jack


Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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