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The Clone Wars: “Massacre” Review


clone-wars-massacre slide“One must let go of the past to hold on to the future.”


Yes, yes, I know it has been awhile, and I’m sure you have all missed me dearly, but I needed some time off to get some things straight personally. While I’m still going to be busy the next few months while looking for a new job, I can’t go without reviewing the final four episodes of Season 4, since they are leading up to the BIG return of everyone’s favorite Zabrak, Darth Maul!
We pick up with Dooku following up on his plans of revenge on the Nightsisters while Asajj Ventress makes her way back to their home planet. I was confused at first as to when this actually takes place within the continuity (Is it directly after the events of when we last saw them in Season 3?), but after viewing the episode a second time for this review, I had caught Ventress saying, “I’ve been hiding,” to explain her absence and Dooku’s “The time has come to exact my revenge” comment which leads me to believe time has passed since their last encounter. 
We have trusted Katie Lucas back at the helm of what she does best, writing for the Nightsisters! After seeing this episode, I really hope that she’s writing the entire arc like the last time. She’s incredibly talented and has given us some of the best Star Wars I’ve seen in a long time.
This was an incredibly intense episode. Dooku, Ventress, Droid Army, Grievous, Mother Talzin, Nightsisters, and…wait for it…zombies! When I first heard there would be zombies in this episode, I was a little skeptical. Didn’t we already see zombie Geonosians back in Season 2? But, the way they handled this not only worked, it was downright creepy! 
This episode managed to do several things to impress me. First and foremost, the Droid army actually came off as not only a capable military unit but also a force to be reckoned with! Same goes for Grievous. The normally cowardly Droid leader doesn’t often show us WHY he’s in charge of such an incredible army, and yet we see him leading the forces on the Nightsisters’ homeplanet and going head-to-head with Ventress herself in a one-on-one lightsaber duel. Granted, he does “pull a Grievous” at the end of the fight and sicks his troops on Ventress the moment he’s losing, but I can’t ask for him to change completely, now can I?
Speaking of lightsaber battles, I first watched the episode at 4 a.m. the night it came out online (dedication, my dear friends!), and that lightsaber duel was almost too much on my eyes. Six sabers at once?? It’s a sight to behold, but the fight ends before it really begins. Still a great scene.
There was something not sitting right with me on the first viewing, and I figured out what it was on the second one. We actually see Dooku at his weakest. I don’t think we’ve ever seen him this vulnerable in the series ever. Mother Talzin’s “voo doo doll” spell was a bit unsettling, especially when her aura burst out of Dooku’s chest, and I can imagine that, coupled with the reanimated Nightsister corpses, was enough to have some our our younger Clone Wars viewers call it an early night.
I know I shouldn’t have laughed but Ventress calls only one of the Nightsisters by their name, Carin, and I knew immediately after the name escaped her lips that poor Carin was going to meet her doom. And, it did.
Things wrapped us nicely (for the msot part) for Dooku and the Droid army, but Asajj is now on her own and we’re left in the dark as to whether or not Mother Talzin is dead. From what I gathered from the scene, she’s still alive, she just converted to a spiri-like form the moment she was attacked. But, I guess it could be left up to consideration.
Next week’s teaser for “Bounty” has, you guessed it, Bounty Hunters! Bossk, Boba Fett, and Simon Pegg as a young Dengar! Should be a great episode.
Until next time!

Sean Foster, Fanbase Press Graphic Designer



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