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The Clone Wars: “Carnage of Krell” Review

the clone waes krell2 5d0“Our Actions Define Our Legacy”

We last left off with Fives and Jesse being punished for disobeying Krell’s orders and are now facing court-martial and possibly execution. Man, this Krell doesn’t mess around. Rex does his best to talk Krell out of his decision but only ends up making the situation worse. In Krell’s eyes, his orders were not followed, and, if the Clones are not punished by way of example, then what’s to stop other Clones from doing the same in the future. So, what does Krell do? Says to hell with the court-martial; bring on the execution!

Nice convincing, Rex! 

This scene was very well done, because, in all honestly, I had no idea if they were actually going to pull the execution off or not. Sure, people say it’s a kids’ show, but it’s been getting progressively darker as it goes on, and I would not have been at all surprised if the Clones actually went through with the execution. Shooting down their fellow man… -er, Clone – in cold blood could have been pulled off on a show like this, and, for a brief moment, I thought they did. Fives interrupts the countdown to give a great speech defending his and Jesse’s honor, only to have the camera cut to the line of troopers firing their guns at them. There was a split second I actually thought it happened. Did they really just kill off these characters like that on a “kids’ show?” 

Well, no they didn’t. The troopers took Fives’ speech to heart and realized this whole thing was wrong. But, had they actually gone through with it, I will say Filoni and crew would have done it very tastefully off camera. Of course, Dogma did not care for this much, as he seems to be the only one of the troops that actually feels the need to obey Krell’s orders. I’m starting to realize Dogma is not just a clever name, given his point of view on the whole situation.

Krell and Rex receive a transmission that the Umbarans have got their hands on Clone armor and might try to strike them with a sneak attack. This lead to probably my favorite part of the whole arc, where after taking out a bunch of Umbarans in Clone gear, Rex realizes they aren’t Umbarans at all but fellow Clones! Rex rushes out into the battle field telling everyone to cease fire. But, why were they attacking?

Would you believe it all comes back to that four-armed jerk face? Yeah, kinda figured Krell had to be some sort of traitor. But, the fact that he ordered the troopers against each other is just plain sick. Turns out the leader of the other group of Clones was none other than Waxer, which really hit it home for me, as he shed a tear realizing he’s killed his own brothers and took his last remaining breath. Wow…

Rex and troops confronting Krell for treason played out well. While I’m rooting for the Clones, you can’t help but feel bad knowing they have little chance. As they surround Krell, you really get a sense of just how big this guy really is, and as soon as those double-bladed lightsabers ignite, bad things happen. Slicing down troops left and right as he’s commenting that he will “not be undermined by creatures bred in some laboratory” gives you the full sense of his distaste for Clones. And, although I hate him, his fight scenes were incredible.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed about Krell’s intentions. He’s not a Separatist and not following direct orders from Dooku, but is hoping his actions will not go unnoticed and Dooku will take him on as an apprentice, because he has a feeling the time of the Jedi is “coming to an end.” This just seemed like the easy way out to me. I was hoping that we could just have a Jedi Master who was deeply flawed. Not everyone has to be cut-and-paste, black-and-white good and evil. But, oh well.

And, remember that execution scene that could have been? We still get one! And, not even off camera either. Krell gets it right in the back from a frustrated Dogma, since Rex was having a hard time bringing himself to do it.

I really really loved this arc. While I did miss the Jedi, especially Kenobi and Ahsoka, it’s great to see the Clones doing what the Clones do best. A part of me from the beginning was thinking that this was going to be the end of Rex, because he is absent in Revenge of the Sith, and if you’re going to kill him off at some point, at least make it during an awesome arc like this. But, Rex lives, and I’m happy, ’cause he’s definitely one of my favorites on the show.

RIP Hardcase and Waxer


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