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The Clone Wars: “Plan of Dissent” Review

the clone wars s4 d5d“The Wise Man Leads, The Strong Man Follows”

** Spoilers Ahead **

The question is who is the wise and who is the strong? I’m sure Krell can be a great general, since he managed to secure the rank, but all I’ve seen is a jerk who sends out troops into battle, without a care in the world for what the outcome will be. Not very wise in my opinion. Rex, on the other hand, seems like the smartest guy outta the whole lot of ’em.

From the start, we get our brief Kenobi cameo for the episode. This time, in a bizarre hologram transmission that I can’t even really describe, as it’s not a normal hologram but sort of liquid particles that take Kenobi’s shape. It isn’t specified if this is because it’s a different type of hologram or it’s because the transmission is being tampered with. Either way, it’s a really cool effect.

After the Clones come up with yet another great idea to help secure the mission, their plan is immediately shot down by Krell once again. What is with this guy? He specifically states he doesn’t want to send a few troopers on a mission he knows will fail, because he needs all his men to charge the Capitol. Since when does Krell care about the Clones? The previous 2 episodes he could care less about them and would send them out into the slaughter. What would 3 Clone lives be to him? I wonder…

Fives has basically had it to this point. He can’t convince Rex to continue with the plan, so he takes action and assembles some troops who will carry out the plan. This leads to a great scene with Hardcase learning to fly the Umbaran ship, only to destroy half the hanger bay. And, I think we all were thinking the same thing the moment Krell called down on the intercom and Fives trying to stall him: Han Solo in A New Hope. Fives got so close to lines like, “We’re all fine. How are you?” and “Boring conversation anyway,” but it never happened. You could feel it on the tip of his tongue, and I applaud the writers for the clever way of paying homage to the original without reciting the dialogue verbatim.

Interesting little tidbit Fives throws out that General Skywalker once told him as a kid he destroyed a Droid Control Ship by taking out a main reactor. I guess “Ani” forgot to mention he helped take down the Federation by accident! Oh, how the mind twists our memories. Hahaha. Sooo not Wizard, Ani…

Finally, some space action! Seeing the Clones flying around in the stolen Umbaran ships was a thing of beauty. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen any space battles on The Clone Wars in a while, but all that laser fire and ships maneuvering through the blasts looked incredible.

And, while I knew it was going to happen, I just wasn’t sure which one it was going to be… someone dies! Hardcase sacrifices himself to blow up the ship. I figured it would have probably been him, since he’s so Gung Ho about everything (and also because someone posted a picture on Facebook reading “RIP Hardcase 11/11/11” the day after the episode aired. Really?? Couldn’t wait to spoil it for everyone? Jeeeeez!)

Dogma also showed his true colors in this episode. I was wondering where they were going to go with him, and it turns out he will be playing the role of the slimy snitch.

Only one good thing came out of me having a long week and not being able to watch this episode ’till now. It ends on a killer cliff hanger, and now I only have to wait one day to watch the conclusion! Score.

Next episode is the end of this 4-part arc, and I’m both excited and depressed. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all wraps up, and I can’t wait to see what the creators have in store for us after the Umbara Arc. Darth Maul? Deathwatch? Ohhh, I can’t wait. What’s depressing, though, is that my Spidey Sense is tingling, and I’m wondering if they are going to go on Winter Hiatus after this arc ends.

Me hopes not…


Sean Foster, Fanbase Press Graphic Designer



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