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‘Star Wars Rebels: Season 2, Episode 1’ – Advance TV Review

“The Siege of Lothol”

Last week, I had the privilege of attending Star Wars Celebration for the first time. It was unlike any experience I’d ever had and such a joy to meet so many different fans from around the world. My last day there, Saturday, was a non-stop Star Wars Rebels fest for me, as I attended the Cast-and-Crew panel, where they debuted the Season 2 trailer and capped it off that evening with the big event: the Season 2 premiere! For this review, I’m going to keep it pretty much spoiler free and under the assumption that you’ve all watched the Season 2trailer (which is available after the break), because if you haven’t seen it yet, you really should!


When we last left our heroes, they had met up with the one and only Ahsoka Tano (Yeeeeees!), and Lord Vader himself had arrived on Lothol. It was an epic way to wrap up the season and left fans wondering how much things were going to change from here on out. I’m happy to report that right from the get go, we have a pretty good idea where things are heading. The Ghost Crew has been working alongside Ahsoka and the budding Rebel Alliance, and while most of the gang are happy about the change, some are a little less thrilled.

As a longtime Ahsoka fan, I was curious how much she’d be involved from here on out. She has a presence in the premiere and some key scenes, but this is still the Ghost Crew’s story and she’s along for the ride which I thought was handled perfectly. But, do you know who does have ample screen time?


That trailer we saw was no joke and a lot of what you see is right here in the premiere. Vader is back in full force, and I was in absolute awe at his portrayal here. This might even be, dare I say, the most dangerous and threatening we’ve ever seen the character on screen, and having James Earl Jones reprise his role as the iconic villain makes it that much more special. He is stronger, faster, and more powerful than I’ve ever seen, and I felt chills sitting in the audience as the whole auditorium rumbled as he used the Force. Filoni and crew absolutely nailed Vader. This is 15 years after Revenge of the Sith, so there is no Anakin Skywalker here; he’s long gone. In fact, the only time I truly felt Anakin’s presence was as Vader piloted his TIE Advanced in one of the more memorable action scenes.

It’s painful not being able to go into more detail, especially since we were never given a release date for Season 2 at Celebration, but I’m glad I can report that this is some of the best Star Wars I’ve seen in awhile. Filoni is doing a miraculous job bridging the gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, and after watching the premiere, I cannot wait to see what else is in store for us.

Sean Foster, Fanbase Press Graphic Designer



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