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The Clone Wars: “The General” Review

the clone wars s4 d5d“The Path of Ignorance is Guided by Fear”

And, away we go! This episode picks up right where we left off, with the Clones doing battle with the Umbarans. It was nice to see something different when it came to the Umbarans’ ships. We’re so used to seeing the same type of vehicles in the Star Wars Universe, and I really dug the design they came up with for the Umbarans.

From the very beginning, we can see things aren’t going to well for the Clones. Seeing them drag the damaged bodies of their fallen comrades to safety was pretty intense. In the meantime, General Krell is standing over them, watching and, at one point, even gently kicking a fallen trooper’s lifeless body out of the way with his foot, before making a “call” on his holo-transmitter. What a guy. Right when I think I can’t hate this man even more, he surprises me by not only ordering Rex to tell the man to fall back, but he calls him… Rex!


This leads to a scene involving Dee Bradley Baker doing what he does best. Here we have an entire platoon of troopers, all with different opinions and manners of speaking; you almost forget that this is just one man providing all these voices! I loved Rex and Fives having their private conversation about the General. Rex knows what Krell is doing is wrong, but he has to obey his orders. Fives is just telling it like it is.


Fives: Is that what you believe? Or ,is that what you were engineered to believe?

Rex: I honor my code. That’s what I believe.


Wow! Also, I noticed little things like a tattoo on one trooper’s face that looked an awful lot like the Republic logo, and another had a tattoo of a single tear under the eye of his helmet. When I go back and watch the episode a third time, which I most likely will after writing this, I want to see how many other little things they added that I can find.


And then, back to battle. But, this time, they are attacked by a giant centipede-type vehicle. Only Clone Wars can pull off something as ridiculous as a centipede for the troopers to fight and actually make it cool. Given the darkness of the planet and the way the camera pans through the action, it was like something from a horror movie. Much like in the last episode with the “Sarlaac” creature. What’s hard about writing reviews for these action-heavy episodes is that it’s something you just have to see to believe! Everything is so beautifully executed that you can’t help but be sitting at the edge of your seat.
I loved the centipede “pilot” falling to the ground from the cockpit, and, as the troopers walk past, one of them gives him a few blasts to the head, ya know, to make sure he’s dead. That’s war, my friend.


Hardcase defending his trigger-happy mentality on “accelerated growth due to a leaky tank on Kamino” had me cracking up. And, if that wasn’t enough, he threw out the classic, “I prefer a good fight to all this sneaking around.”


Although Rex’s plan to steal enemy ships was a complete success, I think the “fire” we see in Krell’s eyes at the end is a good indication that, while he was pleased the attack went well, things won’t be going too smoothly between him and Rex in these next two episodes. Rex clenching his fist at the end was a nice touch, too. You can feel the anger building up inside him.


‘Till the next episode!

Sean Foster, Fanbase Press Graphic Designer



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