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‘Star Wars #9:’ Advance Comic Book Review

This series is the gift that keeps on giving.

Much like last issue, we are constantly jumping back and forth between all of our protagonists. We don’t spend too much time with one character, or pair depending on the scene, but each glimpse was enough to get my heart racing.

Starting off on a calmer note than last time, we pick up with Leia boarding the friendly ship near the remains of Alderaan. It’s these more plot-driven scenes that excite me most as Leia’s search for answers and meeting of a fellow Alderannian was gripping, even if their exchange was short.

The action in this issue is delegated to Luke and Wedge on the Star Destroyer and Boba Fett and Bossk’s pursuit of Han. Ryan Kelly does a great job with these scenes and makes me wish I could see the action brought to life on the big screen. I do, however, have a slight nitpick with Boba Fett’s dialogue. Some of it just doesn’t sit right with me. Last issue he blurted out, “What in the blazes?” and this time around he quips, “Now, this just isn’t very sporting,” like an English gentleman during a rousing game of cricket. It doesn’t feel right. You know what would feel right? Nixing most of his dialogue all together! The Fett I grew up on was silent and deadly. That said, I still loved seeing Han and Fett’s interaction.

But, it was Vader’s talk with Birra Seah that hit me most this issue. Vader’s scenes are always brief but, in my opinion, have the biggest impact. He’s become obsessed with the man named “Skywalker” who blew up the Death Star, and for good reason, so seeing Vader struggle with this situation is the highlight of the series for me.

Another incredible issue from Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly. Wood keeps knocking it out of the park with this story and leaving me craving more after every issue.

Sean Foster, Fanbase Press Graphic Designer



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