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‘The Clone Wars (To Catch a Jedi)’ Review


CW To Catch a JediI watched the chase scene from last week’s episode again to start me off into the new one, which I think helped to fuel the overall intensity of this episode as a whole. Ahsoka is on the run and finds herself in the seedy underbelly of Coruscant, level 1312. For those unfamiliar, there is a video coming out later this year entitled Star Wars 1313 that revolves around playing the role of a bounty hunter on a mission in the subterranean level of Coruscant. Filoni had mentioned in interviews last year that we would get our first glimpse of 1313 on The Clone Wars and after last week’s literal cliffhanger, we watched Ahsoka make a desperate dive in that direction.

But, she wasn’t on 1313 in this episode, but definitely in the general vicinity since they make reference to 1312 and 1315 several times. The lower levels of Coruscant are exactly as I imagined them to be. A grim setting where the poor and destitute make their home, and crime lingers at every corner. It’s such a fascinating concept to me. Having only seen Coruscant at surface level, which comes off as “upper class,” the grimy city that lurks beneath is a fun contrast.

I loved the gathering of Jedi at the beginning, with classic Mace Windu not trusting Anakin and believing he should distance himself from the situation. Though, I guess, really this is more the beginning of that mistrust since we’re before Revenge of the Sith. Also, kudos to holo-Kenobi for sticking up for Anakin. I understand his relationship with Ahsoka puts the mission at risk, but who better to help track her down than the man who trained her? Kenobi’s been known to “hold Anakin back” (his words not mine), so I enjoyed him and Yoda allowing him to pursue.

I don’t know why it bothered me so much, but I laughed at the idea of the first crazy homeless person Ahsoka ran into on 1312 just so happened to have slits cut in the hood of his robe for her montrals to fit through. Guess she got lucky. And, what did she feed him? An inanimate carbon rod? Either way, he looked happ,y so they’re both winners.


Well, I knew Ventress was coming back, because her brief clip in the Season 5 trailer last year was one of the highlights for me. I knew, however, that she wasn’t behind the whole “framing of Ahsoka” business. Their unlikely partnership was well handled, and that Ahsoka’s immediate finger pointing at Ventress was quickly diminished. I mentioned last week about how Ahsoka’s character has grown on so many people, which speaks volumes. Ventress is the other character that continues to amaze me. Another unlikely character that quickly evolved into a fan favorite. Seeing these two fight side-by-side was exciting, even if it was more hand-to-hand combat against the Clone Troopers. Ventress was able to use her sabers, briefly, to disarm the troopers, which I enjoyed. I particularly loved her line about not killing anyone. “It’s the new me.”

But then, Sith hits the fan and shortly after parting ways with Ventress, Ahsoka is struck by a mystery attacker. Now, my credits were on Barriss after watching last week’s episode, and this week only solidified that hunch. Barriss lead Ahsoka to the warehouse during their holo-payphone call (See, Coruscant is so dingy they have payphones. Payphones!), and then it just so happens a female force user attacks her. Hmmm, coincidence? Methinks not. So, the real question is “why?” I’d be interested to see how Ahsoka deals with this situation when Barriss is revealed. Their reminiscing of their time together trapped on Geonosis last episode was a nice reminder of the bond those two shared back in Season 2 and only further stresses the importance of what I feel is Barriss’ betrayal.

After amazing lightsaber duels with Maul and Visla, then Sidious and the Zabrak Bros, it seems unfair to compare this battle with those two, but I find it hard not to. The animation here was top notch, and Ahsoka’s attacker moved with such grace it was a real joy to watch. I felt bad for Ahsoka, though; she held her own, but I was hoping she’d get some more hits in. Losing her second lightsaber was a tough blow, but my favorite moment was her leaping behind the wall to dodge the explosion.

Next week is the end of the season. For reasons unknown, it’s being cut short. Apparently, an arc involving Clovis was removed but as to why, I’m not sure. I should address some concern from fans that The Clone Wars is ending, because it’s not on the Cartoon Network lineup for the Fall. I wouldn’t put too much worry into that. Disney owns Star Wars now, so it makes sense it will be moving to Disney XD or something. I’m sure there’s been no announcement, because they were waiting on this season to end first. So, fear not!

‘Till next week!



Sean Foster, Fanbase Press Graphic Designer



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