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‘The Clone Wars (Missing in Action)’ Review


CW 100Why did the 100th episode of The Clone Wars have to be during this silly droid arc? No Maul, or Black Sun, or Deathwatch? No, we get more Plankton and droids to celebrate this incredible achievement! That frustration aside, this episode was much more enjoyable than the last two. It did still have its cutesy, slapstick moments and ridiculous banter, but all that was forgotten once they stumbled into a diner and met a young man who looks suspiciously like a clone.

I do have to mention that the beginning had a big LOL moment for me with the tiny, little alien threatening a passerby, flailing a knife in his stubby, little hand. That was about the only laugh I’ve had in this entire arc, but it was a good one. The moment we meet Gregor outside the diner is when things take a much-needed turn in the right direction. Here’s a clone, living a day-to-day life as a dishwasher, with no memory of who or what he really is. I really loved his part of the story and only wished we were able to use the previous two episodes to expand more on Gregor’s tale. I also have to mention that the directing in this episode was top notch, especially during the last action sequence. The camera moved so gracefully through the battle, it made Gregor’s moment that much more special.

Next week is the last of this arc (oh darn!), so like I stated in my previous review, I’m expecting an action-packed latter half of this season with more Maul, Black Sun, and Deathwatch. BRING IT!





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