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‘The Clone Wars (A Sunny Day in the Void)’ Review


SW A Sunny Day in the VoidI’m not even going to ask, because I already know the answer. You all missed me, I get it. It’s been a few weeks without your old buddy Sean and his Clone Wars ramblings, and I’m sure you’ve all been wondering where the heck I’ve been!

Oh, you weren’t? Well, alright then. Let’s carry on, shall we?

Or wait, do we have to? *sigh….* Alright, fine! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but after several weeks of being Clone Wars deprived due to work leaving me mentally and physically drained (blah!), I was able to sit down and catch up on the past few episodes that I’d missed. All I can say is, “Uggghhh.” And, that’s REALLY saying something, if you’ve gone weeks without watching a new episode. You’d think that any new Clone Wars would be good Clone Wars, right? ‘Cause new is good and better than nothing?

Apparently not.

First, I’ll say that the ending of the Young Jedi arc was awesome; that I really did enjoy. It was a far cry from the Bug’s Life-inspired traveling circus act from the previous episode (groan). But, last week’s episode, and the one I’m reviewing now, are part of some bizarre arc involving a group of droids that I’m told will be around for four episodes. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a huge R2-D2 fan, and his past episodes have been fantastic, but the two I’ve seen so far are cringeworthy. It’s not Artoo’s fault, mind you, but WAC-47’s, an incredibly annoying pit droid whose only skill appears to be channeling McLovin, and his banter with Colonel Gascon, who seems to be the love child of R. Lee Ermey and Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants.

We just finished a 4-part arc involving cute kids, and now we’ve moved to a 4-part arc with cute droids. Seriously?? At least the Young Jedi episodes had some cool moments *cough* David Tennant *COUGH*, drunk Hondo, and wooden lightsaber construction. Boss! So far with these episodes, I have two characters that I can’t stand, bickering back and forth like an old Abbot and Costello bit, if Abbot and Costello weren’t clever and completely devoid of humor.

It may sound like I’m being harsh, but I know it’s possible to have good, droid-centric episodes, and these just aren’t even up to par. I think given it’s placement after the Young Jedi arc also hurts it, as well. I’m reminded of Season Three, where the first half was all political episodes involving “pursuits on peace,” murder mysteries, and corruption, corruption, corruption! (Dear lord, do you remember the corruption??) But then, in the second half of the season they unloaded us with The Awesome, such as the introduction to the Nightsisters and Mother Talzin, The Citadel arc, the Mortis Trilogy, Chewbacca, and Savage Opress!! Sooo, with that said, I have my fingers crossed for an action-packed remainder of the season.

There is, however, a nice surprise coming up in this arc, I won’t spoil it since most people aren’t aware, but it’s something I’ve been excited to see in The Clone Wars for a while now. Hopefully, it will make up for the last two episodes.

Excelsio– I mean, ’till next time!



Sean Foster, Fanbase Press Graphic Designer



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