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‘The Clone Wars (Tipping Points)’ Review


CW Tipping PointsWell, we’ve finally reached the conclusion of the Onderon Arc, or as I’ve dubbed it, “The Robes Arc,” and I can honestly say it was a well-executed and worthy finale.

Starting off much like last week’s episode, King Dendup made a speech to the city folk via enormous holo-projection. He claims that while not originally associated with the Rebels that fought in his name, he has now allied with them and believes they are in fact the planet’s destiny. What followed was, by far, my favorite moment of the whole arc from a visual standpoint. Ahsoka and Lux fly on one of their “Avatar dragons” (more on that later) to the Rebel Base in the mountains of Onderon. The “crane shot” that pans across the land was breathtakingly stunning, and I was watching on the lowly Standard Definition, so that’s saying something!

The final battle itself was exactly what I was looking for, but I would be lying if I didn’t feel it was a little reminiscent of the movie Avatar. Some will say I’m probably looking too much into it, and they’re probably right, but just seeing the Rebels flying around on their living, breathing dragons versus the Separatists’ technology-infused Droid army immediately made me think of the Navi and the humans with their tanks and helicopters.

But, hey, that’s me. And, for the record, I didn’t care for Avatar, so don’t think of me as one of James Cameron’s spies. ‘Cause I’m not. *shifty eyes*

Overall, I thought it was a fantastic conclusion to an arc that, while it had its ups and downs, was rather strong. Though my thoughts don’t stop there, as we head on over to the spoiler territory . . .


SO! Looks like Hondo made his appearance after all, and I was kicking myself for not remembering the scenes from the Season 5 trailer all those months ago. Having Anakin and Obi-Wan use a sort of loophole around not getting themselves involved in the Rebels’ war was clever, indeed. And, who better to help supply super, advanced rocket launchers than our good friend Hondo? Eh?

The prediction I had made, to myself, in the “Front Runners” review was that Saw was going to be the one who died and Steela was going to make rash decisions and so on and so forth. Last week’s episode almost had me believing I was right with Saw’s stubbornness to save the King and his eventual capture; however, the moment Steela kissed Lux in this episode, she had sealed her death right then and there. Much like the random Nightsister back in Season 4‘s “Massacre” who made the mistake of mentioning her name to Ventress, thus, letting us, the audience, know she was doomed to perish in a Droid versus zombie bloodbath.

Aren’t we all, though?

While I didn’t care much for Steela and Lux’s romantic dealings to begin with, I’m actually kind of bummed out at myself for getting so invested in Ahsoka and Lux’s relationship, simply for the fact that I really felt bad for Ahsoka! For that brief moment, I related to the teenage girls who scream at the television watching the latest episode of 90210. “Why would you choose her! Ahsoka is your soulmate, you pig!”

Alright, it was absolutely nothing like that, but you catch my meaning. I got looped into their little love triangle, and I hadn’t even realized it. Well played, Filoni.

I wasn’t able to see a preview for next week, so fingers crossed that they aren’t going on a break or anything. We have a lot to look forward to this season with Maul, the Mandalorians, and the Black Sun!




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