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‘Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #5’ – Advance Comic Book Review


SW Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison 5And, here we are. The thrilling conclusion to “Vader’s Trip to the Ghost Prison.” I will be keeping this review spoiler free for you all, since giving away even the smallest detail kind of ruins it for you. So, what can I say about the conclusion then, you ask? As a long-time Star Wars fan and as someone who was hooked on this story arc from the first issue, I can honestly say that the conclusion was more than satisfying. In just 26 pages, all of the loose ends are tied up nicely. Of course, “nicely” in no way reflects the actual characters behavior in any way, but you know what I meant. I hope . . .

The artwork impressed me probably the most in this issue, as there was a lot of action involved. Plus, we get to see a bit more of The Emperor, and while it was brief, we really needed to remember that this is not someone you want to try to assassinate. Even in its final moments, there were twists that took me completely by surprise.

The whole arc is truly impressive and a must read for all Star Wars fans. Tohm is a sympathetic character, and I think anyone would be hard pressed not to enjoy following him on this journey. I for one would definitely recommend this for the bookshelf once it comes out in trade paperback.





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