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Clone Wars: “Witches of the Mist” Review

clonewars 9caThe final chapter in the Savage Opress arc. Sorry for the delay, folks, but I went on vacation and then had A LOT of work to catch up on!  So, on with Part 3 entitled “Witches of the Mist!!”

Our “fortune cookie,” as we refer to it in the Clone Wars community, at the beginning of this episode is “The path to evil may bring great power, but not loyalty.”  And, this episode proves it. First and foremost, we get a glimpse at Republic Commandos!  Oh yeah!  They only make an appearance, but it’s exciting to think about how much we will see them in the future.  Republic Commandos was a favorite X-Box game of mine, so it was cool to see them incorporated into the show.  Upon looking on the dead bodies Obi-Wan says to Plo-Koon, “This is not the work of a Sith Lord, or a Jedi, but a reckless impulsive animal.”  I LOVED that description of Savage.  They still have no idea what they are up against.

So, now we are brought to Dooku and Savage.  It still blows my mind watching Sith training as opposed to Jedi training.  Sith are merciless but that’s what makes them so strong.  Having a green frog tell you that you fail because you are weak is not as strong as getting lightening blasted every time you fail until it’s done right.  Advantage?  Sith.

Ahhh, these beautiful shots of Coruscant always get me.  I’m a sucker for it, what can I say.  Here at the Jedi Temple we get a real brief moment of fan service that I loved.  Obi-Wan says to Yoda that he thought Darth Maul was from Iridonia, not Dalthomir, which is a reference to the EU (Expanded Universe).  I could write a 12-page blog explaining this reference, but I won’t go down that road.

Back to Dooku and Savage training, which was awesome.  His first task is to raise a bunch of pillars from the ground with the Force.  Can’t do it?  Lightening bolts!!!  That’s what you get!  Dooku toys with him until Savage releases his true anger and Force levitates all the pillars.  Amazing scene.

Obi-Wan and Anakin on Dathomir was both hilarious and bad-ass.  Kenobi warning Anakin not to start anything was a nice touch.  As soon as they get ambushed, a really awesome fight occurs, though brief.  The quick movements and the way they were using the Force was really well done.  And, Anakin’s attention to detail and who is the obvious leader just blows my mind.  This is the man who becomes Darth Vader, and I love seeing him as this young, sharp individual.  Anakin friggin’ ROCKS in this series.  So, what does he do?  Captures their leader, holds a saber to his throat, and says, “Back off.”  Ummm, awesome?  Yes, I sense munch anger in you, young Skywalker.  Obi-Wan has this look of concern that you just have to see.  As if he’s starting to realize Anakin’s downfall.

Savage is sent to Toydaria to kill their king.  My god, I haven’t seem so many winged cupid-looking creatures get sliced down since my last break up on Valentine’s Day!  Gotta give credit to the King, though.  He just watched all his minions get decimated in 2 seconds, but he pulls a sword and says, “I will not be intimidated.”  That’s hardcore.

And, the “Oh Crap” moment.  Kenobi and Anakin come in and fight Savage.  When they pin him down, Savage Force Chokes the King to death mid battle, then drags his lifeless corpse to his ship.  This show is for kids, right???

Savage delivers the corpse to Dooku.  Bad move, Savage. Dooku wanted him alive, so you know what you get?  FORCE LIGHTNING!  “You ignorant beast,” he calls him.  I liked that Savage apologized and Dooku says, “THAT is not the way of the Darkside!”  FORCE LIGHTNING!  And then, who shows up?  Ventress!

And, here we go…

Ventress does her mind mend finger tap on Savage, and now he remembers he is her servant.  So, wait, you’re telling me Savage and Ventress are gonna fight Dooku?  OK, please continue!

What an amazing fight.  I honestly can’t describe it, because you just have to see it to believe it.  But, in the turning moment when Ventress freaks out on Savage for being weak, he friggin’ loses it and Force Chokes both of them.  Now, we have a three-way Sith battle!!!  Holy crap, is it intense!!!  And, once you think it can’t get any better?  Oh boy…

Ventress and Dooku escape though a hatch to fight.  The now lonely Savage is encountered by… Obi-Wan and Anakin!  Two awesome lightsaber battles???  Again, YES PLEASE.

But, since I can’t detail all the awesomeness of the battles, I will say there is a great moment at the end where a Battle Droid says to Anakin, “You’re not supposed to be here,” and Anakin slices him in half without even looking at him.  Brilliant.

Savage retreats back to the Nightsisters to speak with Mother Talzin and admits that he has failed.  She speaks of another, one who can teach him, who is apparently his brother.  A little someone who lives in the Outer Rim that looks a lot like…. Darth Maul?

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