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Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #3 – Advance Comic Book Review


SW Ghost Prison 3Wow, this issue really kicks things into high gear. While not action packed like the previous issues, the story really begins to unfold and secrets are revealed.


We pick up exactly where we left off, with Vader and Tohm viewing a hologram of Anakin Skywalker addressing the Jedi Council. Frustrated that he’s not getting the answers he wanted, Anakin storms out to seek the truth from The Emperor. The Jedi then reveal the location of a secret prison they have hidden from the Republic with which to keep some of the more “powerful” captives of war like shape shifters, telepaths, etc. Vader and Tohm use this newfound information to travel to the planet themselves and visit the prison. Vader’s violent reaction to the Jedi’s secrets (Force punching a whole in the wall) seems justified, as Anakin always believed the Jedi were lying to him and now he’s seeing it with his own eyes.

En route to the prison, we get brief explanations from both Tohm and Moff Trachta about their respective disfigurements and a small hint that Tohm himself might be Force sensitive. Trachta explains his scars are the result of a thermal detonator blast thrown by a Padawan he was chasing. Tohm was scarred, also in an explosion, due to a sabotage on the family business. While I found this interesting enough, it seems as if there’s more to Tohm’s story that I’m hoping they will get to in the next installments.

What happens upon their arrival of the prison is the first of two incredibly fantastic moments in this series so far, both just so happen to be in this issue. As they approach the prison doors, they are greeted by a lone Jedi who had been waiting months to be relieved from her post and states, “I thought I had been forgotten . . .” to which Vader replies, “You have,” and impales her with his lightsaber. We are lead to believe it’s only been a few short months since the events of Order 66, and this Jedi has been all by her lonesome the entire time. This little scene was so beautifully handled.

The second moment that got my “inner geek” excited was Tohm perusing the prison’s records to find that Anakin Skywalker himself arrested more than half the prisoners himself, which Tohm believes is impossible for just one man. Vader, being ever so humble, explains that Skywalker was one of the greatest Generals the Jedi Order ever had. When Tohm’s asks what ever happened to him, Vader says that he killed him.

Wow . . .

This was by far my favorite issue so far. I love seeing glimpses of Vader, literally watching his past as Anakin through holograms and his reactions to the events he missed the moment he exited the room. The next two issues have a lot to live up to, but if Tohm hinting at using the prisoners for their own army is any indication, I’m sure we’re in for a real treat.





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