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Justice League: Doom Review


Justice League DoomThe next DC animated feature to be released will be Justice League: Doom and is it a doozie!  While doing all the things that you would expect from a story line about a good super hero team colliding with its own evil counter parts, JL:D does so much more.  We see an exploration of the inner strengths and weakness that make each individual member of the Justice League both super and human.  

Everyone’s favorite Batman, Kevin Conroy, leads this all-star cast including Tim Daly, Olivia D’Abo, Nathan Fillion, Susan Eisenberg, Alexis Denisof, Michael Rosenbaum, and Phil Morris as the big bad, the immortal Vandal Savage.  In Morris’ own words, Savage is “operatic” in his lust for power*.  And, this time, his plan cannot fail.  

Carried by the exciting animation, the most powerful part of this movie was the way in which the Legion of Doom attacked each member of the Justice League, exploiting her or his unique vulnerabilities.  It was fascinating and refreshing to see that depth in what some might dismiss as a childish cartoon.  Now, there are certainly elements that appeal to the child in me, but these DC animated features have been consistently exploring mature arcs from DC canon, and often target the young adult receiving PG-13 ratings.  

Though not my personal favorite, Justice League: Doom was another fantastic addition to the DC animated line.  Straight to DVD, it releases on Tuesday, February 28th, and it’s not to be missed.  And, when you see the credits role and you’ve seen exactly who plays whom, don’t forget to visit the special features to see a sneak peak of the next DC animated movie slated for release.  Sure, I could tell you what it is, but where’s the fun in that?

*See today’s FBC interview with Phil Morris from the Justice League: Doom premiere and more interviews with other cast and crew.


Want to see a preview of Justice League: Doom before you buy your copy on February 28th?






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