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‘Reyn #4:’ Comic Book Review

Issue #4 of Kel Symons and Nathan Stockman’s Reyn is, largely, simply a continuation of the last issue.  Reyn and his ragtag band of techno-sorcerers press deeper into enemy territory, making more strange discoveries.  The fantasy world set up in the first few issues feels like it’s splitting and morphing into something new as our protagonist discovers that the barbaric Venn have their lizard-like claws in more than just mining and slave-trade.  Much like our heroes, we are left with more questions than answers in this issue, but the cliffhanger ending promises some serious action in Issue #5.

The relationship between Reyn and the Goddess expands in this issue, too, and we get our first glimpse at his ethereal guide.  Overall, there are loads of incongruous elements coming together in this comic.  It is certainly intriguing and Symons finds humor in the juxtaposition, but we’re still waiting to see what this world actually is.  It’s not as crazy and random as Saga, but it does feel like something entirely unique, if still vaguely defined.  The characters are fun and the writing and art are light and energetic.  It’s well worth a read, and I’m already looking forward to the next issue.

Sam Rhodes


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