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Storm Born: Issue #4 Review

storm born 4 826Richelle Mead’s Storm Born Issue #4 is really ratcheting things up.  You can tell that by the cover alone.  A tornado swirls around our raging and tearful protagonist, Eugenie Markham, as her mother lies bloodied in her arms.    

Issue #4 picks up with Markham, also known as Odile, a freelance shaman, and her ragtag crew attempting to rescue a human from her Otherworldly captors.  I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’ll say that she learns a lot about herself in this issue and about the people around her.


There is a complexity that the comic series, adapted from a novel series, seems to be wrestling with.  The smallest amount of undisguised exposition is the primary and most unpleasant offender, otherwise, the comic has pretty incredible pacing and a clarity that allows even me, someone who was entirely unfamiliar with the books, to follow and enjoy the trials and tribulations of Ms. Markham.

The comic, written by Grant Alter, takes the reader another step further down the rabbit hole.  This issue covers a lot of ground, with twists and revelations around every corner, leaving the reader with not only a sense of closeness to each of these characters, but also with even more questions.  

And, the foremost question on my mind is, when the hell is Issue #5 coming out?

Sam Rhodes


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