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‘Wildfire #1-2:’ Comic Book Review

I know Matt Hawkins work primarily from his comic, Think Tank, with Top Cow, a wonderfully fresh and funny series about an AWOL DARPA employee, bucking the system and staying two steps ahead of the men in black who REALLY don’t want him to quit.  Well, Hawkins is bringing his A-game again with a new series called Wildfire about a plant biologist working with a team to develop genetically modified plants with a super fast growth rate, something that could potentially address food shortage issues, as well as climate change.  But, of course, the manure hits the fan, and Los Angeles is faced with a major disaster.

I read issues one and two which came out in June and July, respectively, and I devoured them. Hawkins teamed up with artist and co-creator Linda Sejic for Wildfire, and her art serves the story and is quite good.  While the people she draws come of blocky and stiff at times, she seems entirely at home drawing the various species of plant life that inhabit the story.  And, the story . . . this story is delicious.  Similar to Think Tank, Hawkins has constructed another entertaining discussion on the science and technology that is just around the corner, waiting to pounce on all of our outdated regulation and our quaint, little sense of security.  He puts forth compelling arguments on both sides of the GMO issue which is relevant, highly contentious, and shrouded in lies and misinformation.  Hawkins and Sejic seem to want to strip away both the corporate interests and radical leftist propaganda and dig into the possibilities and dangers of this swiftly developing science.

The story, which is shaping up to be a science fiction disaster story, is no less entertaining for all the exploration of the GMOs issues.  With plenty of humor, humanity, and action, we follow Dr. Miller as he struggles to put pandora back in the box.  Wildfire #1 and #2 are out, and, hopefully, #3 is hot on their heels, because this book is on fire!

Sam Rhodes


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