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‘Red City #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Buckle up, because Issue #2 of Red City by Daniel Corey and Mark Dos Santos is a full-throttle, sci-fi joy ride.  We ride shotgun with gumshoe Cal Talmage on his interplanetary investigation to find the missing daughter of the Mercurian Ambassador to Mars and, ultimately, deliver peace between feuding Mercury and Venus.  In this issue, Talmage joins forces with femme fatale Angel as they dig deeper into the cosmic corruption which threatens the deteriorating peace talks between the Venusians and the Mercurians.

Red City is a science fiction, noir comic from Image comics, and its great!  Issue #2 really ups the ante, overflowing with car chases, high altitude shootouts and political intrigue.  Thinking about it since my review of Issue #1, its actually more noir-light.  The colorist uses a brighter palette than you might expect, and while there are classic, typical noir scenes, drenched with shadows, cigarette smoke, and anxiety, its not so pervasive throughout the story.  Corey and his team are pulling noir out of the shadows and into the more accessible and humor-filled light.

Issue #2 drops this Wednesday, July 9th, so check it out at your local comic store!    

Sam Rhodes


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