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Pariah #2 Review (And Preview!)

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Following Sam’s review, check out the six-page preview of Pariah #2, below!


So, if you read my review of Pariah #1, you know that the story takes place in 2025 North America and follows a hyper-intelligent, teenage “Vitro,” short for in vitro genetic manipulation, named Brent Marks.  Unfortunately, Brent is not just super smart, he also happens to be socially awkward and determined to blend in with the crowd, despite being surrounded by a bunch of high-schoolers who see him as a freakish test-tube baby.  Brent’s life gets very complicated, however, when a group of “Vitros” are blamed for a lab explosion and the subsequent release of a virus that kills thousands of people. Pariah #2 leaves Brent and, instead, follows the group of teen “Vitros” working at the lab, who are allegedly responsible for the release of the virus.  The fact that they seem to be the victims of a set-up doesn’t stop the law from attempting to bring them down with alarming force.  Notice that word “attempting.”  So, like a fiery, adolescent, and overachieving band of “Merry Men” (and Women), they remain in the woods, synthesizing moonshine and determining their next move.


One of the best things about this comic is the premise. It’s simple.  Super-smart teenagers versus the world.  It doesn’t hurt that the writing is witty, funny, and exciting, while managing to squeeze in a warm and fuzzy teenage romance (the good kind, like something out of an ’80s John Cusack movie).  The “Vitro” we follow in Pariah #2, and the unofficial leader of this gang of fugitives, is Lila Ellerman.  She’s smart, decisive, and strong, with poise and determination beyond her sixteen years, and a pure and requited love for a fellow “Vitro” named Brandon that is rather befitting of her sixteen years.  While I really enjoyed experiencing the group dynamic of this rabble of wunder-teens as they evaded capture and plotted their future, I really perked up at the introduction of a new character, another “Vitro,” Franklin Hyde, who appears to be working for the Government, but is so incredibly quirky and blase, you can’t help but love him.  Anyway, I won’t tell you more about him or the story for that matter, you’ll just have to go get it and read it for yourself.  

Written by Aron Warner and Philip Gelatt with art and lettering by Brett Weldele, Pariah #2 hits stands TODAY, August 31st.



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