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‘The James Bond Omnibus: Volume 004’ Review


James Bond Omnibus 004For fans of the Roger Moore or Sean Connery Bond, you’ll love the newest release from Titan Books.  Filling almost 300 beautiful, oversized pages, The James Bond Omnibus: Volume 004 collects nine original stories each presented in daily comic strip form.  Bound as an extra thick paperback cover, this classy collection would make a perfect coffee table book to be read a few strips at a time and at your leisure.  Although, I must confess, with all of the action, intrigue, and beautiful women, I have been having quite a bit of trouble putting this book down at all.

Working for the UK-based newspaper The Daily Express, writer Jim Lawrence and artist Yaroslav Horak began adapting Ian Fleming’s Bond novels into black and white, daily comic strips in 1966.  After six successful adaptations including The Man with the Golden Gun and Octopussy and with the blessing of the Fleming trust, Lawrence and Horak began writing original stories starring the suave spy.  Jim Lawrence’s plotting and dialogue are perfect for Bond, and the stories stand up to Fleming’s own.  Being presented originally as a daily strip, Lawrence does a stellar job of bringing the audience up to speed with each strip while not weighing the story down with gawdy exposition.  Horak seems to revel in his duties as the artist drawing the world’s most famous spy.  From the action to the exotic locales to the seductive women, Horak defines the spy-thriller chic of the ’60s and ’70s that Bond has come to embody.

Whether you are a Bond aficionado or a casual fan, this book of completely original stories collected for the first time ever in an over-sized omnibus format is sure to thrill you.  Visit or for more info!




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