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‘Before Watchmen: Rorschach #2’ Review

BW Rorschach 2Rorschach barrels right on through the gutters of New York City in Issue #2, past the pimps and pushers and filth, with a singular, deadly focus. Beaten to a pulp by a local drug gang and left for dead in the previous installment, he has vengeance on his mind, and this issue is just the beginning. And, boy, it’s a savage, gut-punch of an issue, too.

The same incredible creative team is back again; Azzarello is writing, Bermejo is penciling, and the brilliant colors by Barbara Ciardo give the story a tarnished look as if just underneath the shadows and grime, there’s something you can barely perceive, something beautiful that wants to be found. I’m an Azzarello fan, too, and he writes this violent struggle of one man against a city with the same unflinching brutality you’d expect from Rorschach himself. And, Bermejo offers a dark and occasionally non-chronological story, but clearly a master of his craft, he sacrifices no clarity whatsoever.

The main press of this issue is Rorschach striking back against the gang that confronted him previously, while the serial killer, The Bard, which I mentioned in my last review, remains in the periphery. But, like some shadow in a dark alley at night, he looms quietly and deadly and closer with each turning page.

Look, if you like grit, if you like your comics edgy, like shards of glass, get on board. Azzarello and Bermejo’s Rorschach is moving like a freight train, and it ain’t stopping for no one.






Sam Rhodes


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