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Major Eazy: Heart of Iron Volume 1 Hardcover Review


Major Eazy cover USEFrom Titan Books comes a beautiful, oversized volume of the 1970s war-comic legend, Major Eazy.  What’s that you say?  You don’t know who Major Eazy is?  Well, friend, you might like him, you might hate him, but either way, you can’t ignore Major Eazy.  

Created by Alan Hebden and Carlos Ezquerra, Major Eazy was originally published as a regular fictional serial in the British war comic, Battle Picture WeeklyBPW mainly consisted of comics that took places in WWII, as well as pin-ups of vehicles and letters from actual servicemen.  Major Eazy himself is a cool, unorthodox, and very dangerous officer who drives his own sports car around the battlefield and carries his own high velocity rifle.  Based loosely on Eastwood’s The Man with No Name and looking like a scruffy, young James Coburn, Major Eazy is unflappable and easily the most dangerous individual to the success of the Axis powers. 

“The key thing is that he’s enigmatic . . . When he appears to be doing something vile, like shooting a woman in the back – there’s a reason for it,” says Hebden of Eazy in the interview that opens this brand new hardcover.  Major Eazy: Heart of Iron collects Eazy’s entire Italian campaign with stunning, jumbo, glossy, black and white art from Spanish artist/co-creator Carlos Ezquerra.  You may know Ezquerra as the co-creator of Judge Dredd with writer John Wagner or from his frequent collaborations with Garth Ennis on work such as Bloody Mary, Preacher, The Boys, and Battlefields.  This collection from Titan represents a rare and powerful look at the early work of one of comics most enduring names. 

You’ll see, when you are laying on your bed, idly flipping through the pages, that Hebden and Esquerra’s Major Eazy is still exciting and entirely relevant today.  It is perhaps even more so, as the world struggles with another difficult war, with all of the moral ambiguity and violence that accompanies any conflict.

Titan’s release of Major Eazy: Heart of Iron offers a unique opportunity to see these stories told not how they originally were, but better.  Almost as if we’re gazing over the shoulders of Alan Hebden and Carlos Ezquerra themselves, the oversized edition gives readers the chance to see the detail and craftsmanship of two giants of the comic industry.  If you haven’t already, you can pick up the hardcover at any major book retailer, as well as online at; it’s Eazy.  


Sam Rhodes


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