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‘Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #3’ – Comic Book Review

The one thing I like to see more than the Doctor doing the right thing is his companion, in the face of what feels like insurmountable odds, deciding to do the good thing. Calvin Scott gives Rose Tyler her moments of heroism in Issue #3 of The Ongoing Adventures of the Ninth Doctor. Their bravery always makes the Doctor better, and we also get a chance to see that here.

Scott captures the rollicking time of the only season the Ninth Doctor was actually around. There’s something innocent and happy with how he acts and reacts to Rose Tyler; he’s so proud of her. Adriana Melo’s art is a joy to follow from panel to panel.

It’s a really fun read that, if you’re looking to relive some of the Eccleston magic but with new, smartly written adventures, this is a good comic to pick up.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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