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‘Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #2.7’ – Comic Book Review

Gone is the complexity of the last two seasons of Doctor Who: the intense moral ambiguity and the grappling with one’s mortality and memory. If you’re looking for that, you won’t find it here. Moffatt is probably saving all of that for his final series. If you’re okay with some frivolous fun, putting our grumpy Twelfth Doctor in the midst of circumstances that are reminiscent of earlier Doctor adventures (pre-Eccleston), then you’re in the right place. I do not mind this.

The Doctor has teamed up with a rock star named Hattie and someone who has been accused of murder on a space station. Having uncovered some secretive information. They are on the run from giant fox people. Yes, giant fox people. To go more into the story would be a waste of time, because it’s more about getting into and out of trouble. The actual story itself is fun in the way that classic Doctor Who is.

George Mann nails Capaldi’s cadence. Mariano Laclaustra does a good job bringing the world of Doctor Who alive. My one wish would have been, since it does feel like a throwback to classic Who, that the fox people would have looked more like people in fox costumes. That would have made my day.

A solid endeavor and fun for all the right reasons. It’s just the complexity and ambiguity that I’ve grown to appreciate with this Doctor. The mystery has been tempered.


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