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‘Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #2’ – Comic Book Review

The world needs more Eccleston as Doctor Who. Cavan Scott does a fine job bringing both his Doctor and the era of the series to life.

Rose finds herself in the hands of a Slitheen who has been impersonating the Doctor. Meanwhile, The Doctor and Jack Harkness are attempting to put the pieces together to find out where she is. Will the Doctor get to her in time and help stop a war from breaking out?

Scott is having great fun here in letting the characters bounce off each other and really allows for the dynamics between them to take root. Every scene is a little story in the much larger story. This is Rose Tyler before she knew what she was really doing. Still green, she doesn’t quite think through all of her actions, and that gets her in a bit more trouble than she generally bargains for. I would have loved to have seen Eccleston play the even more selfish version of himself that is the disguised Slitheen – alas, we have only our imagination and Adriana Melo’s perfect artwork.

Melo’s art is lively, really capturing who these characters are with the joy of someone that cares about them. It feels like a true serial, an adventure. Matheus Lopes’ coloring work is quite good and gives it a perfect comic book, science fiction adventure feel.

If you love the Doctor, you should follow the comic books. They’re really keeping the talent strong and the stories (from what I’ve seen) fun. But I have a lot more catching up to do.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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