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‘Sons of the Devil #7:’ Advance Comic Book Review

If you’ve been following, you know that Travis was an orphan with major anger problems. In seeking out his family, a private investigator (and friend) that he hired was murdered, entangling him in an investigation. Travis didn’t have to wait long, as his family was also looking for him – specifically his half-sister, Jennifer, who told him that his father was the leader of a cult. Their father, David Daly, is still around, hunting down victims and torturing them in basements. David has apparently made a deal with the devil, though the endgame has yet to be revealed. Meanwhile ,Travis’ anger and penchant for secrecy was pushing away his girlfriend Melissa. They split as he found out she was pregnant with his baby. End volume one.

With Issue #6, more secrets were uncovered. His deceased investigator friend had mailed a packet to him which Melissa found. With actual answers, Melissa has found it easier to forgive Travis, and they’re giving it a second try; she’s actually helping Travis track down the many other brothers and sisters David Daly wrought. Issue #7, Travis begins to meet his family members, and his ultimate involvement in David’s plans is hinted at.

Writer Brian Buccellato is playing a nicely paced long game, smartly connecting pieces from the past with events happening now. There are enough interesting story threads occurring, each taking a single step forward with every issue. It’s more than enough to keep our attention as we see the puzzle pieces connect and begin to form a mural. You begin to ask questions, trying to fit the next piece into place. There are some elements in the plot I haven’t revealed, but I’m curious as heck to see all of these come together.

Toni Infante’s artwork is rich with emotion. His imagery can be haunting, and his characters’ eyes tell more story than most artists can tell in an entire book.

This is a fantastic book that teeters on the edge of being one of the great horror stories of our time, because it embraces a strong human center.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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