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‘Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #1’ – Comic Book Review

Doctor Who: where do I even begin with The Doctor? He’s become one of the most important characters in television history to me recently, and the show one of my most important television shows. I began my journey with Hartnell (the first Doctor), and my girlfriend convinced me to start with Eccelston, as well, the Ninth Doctor (as he’s her favorite). I’m glad I did it in that order. There’s real storytelling magic in the world of Doctor Who. Where most people look to the likes of Superman for their hero worship, I look to The Doctor.

Hartnell and Eccleston were the framework for me: the beginning and the resurrection. Everything else grows from them, and they are brilliant, but their faces and personalities do not last forever. This is why the comics are so important, and as actors like Tennant and Smith say, they had a responsibility to do right by the character, so to do the writers and artists of the comics.

The first issue in the ongoing series, picking up from the miniseries last year following the Ninth Doctor (which I have all five issues to read around here somewhere. Can’t. Find. Issue. 1! This pile of comics, that pile of comics – ugh!), and it is just the type of freewheeling adventure you’d expect from the Ninth Doctor. He, Rose Tyler (before love was in the air), and Jack Harkness are trying their best to do right by time and space and are called to a world in which The Doctor is a TV star. But, how could he be?

Cavan Scott captures The Doctor in the rough period in which he was transforming from grumpy to affable due to Rose’s influence. Rose has just found her footing and isn’t afraid to adventure off on her own. And Harkness, well – Harkness is always Harkness, and they may be onto finding out some more about his past. The most important thing is – they never stop running. It feels like, from panel to panel and from page to page, they are viscerally moving forward with no time to stand around. The really cool thing is we’re also capturing elements that resounded in the Ninth Doctor’s season – satirical elements touching upon the media.

Artist Adriana Melo gives us renditions of these much-loved characters that work at this point mostly in action – moving and dodging, jumping and falling – but it always feels like we’re watching Eccleston, Piper, and Barrowman. And, I love it.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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