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‘Harrow County #11:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Cullen Bunn knows how to weave a tale, and nothing is ever what it initially seems. In Harrow County, the country folk are more than willing to let their first inclination be cause enough for judgment and action, no matter how severe. Bernice is at the precipice of becoming an adult, but she isn’t quite there . . . yet.

The first several issues of the series focused on Emmie, a young woman born of a dead witch, the tree she was buried under her womb. We’ve followed Emmie as she’s come to terms with this, her witch like powers, and the haints (monsters, ghosts, what have you) in the nearby woods. Now, it’s Bernice’s turn. A new, dark myth is introduced; a new evil is at hand; a woman who controls snakes and does something really quite nasty with them is out there, somewhere. Bernice finds out some convenient truths inconveniently late and is left having to clean up her mess.

Bunn’s storytelling prowess and Tyler Crook’s watercolor-style artwork are a perfect match, drawing us into the tales of Harrow County. If you haven’t yet introduced yourself to this world, the first volume is out now, and the second one will be soon (as I’m reviewing that as well this week). The book captures the imagination and tickles the back of the neck. It’s haunting and smart, never pandering to the lowest common denominator of the horror genre.

As this new series arc gets going, now is the perfect opportunity to jump in and follow along. Harrow County has consistently been one of the strongest books out there.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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