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‘Klaus #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Up until now, Grant Morrison and Dan Mora’s Klaus felt a little too frivolous. Our buff hero Klaus is going to become Santa. He has a cool wolf. The bad guy is really evil. It felt more like a fun melodrama. I was expecting someone to say, “You will pay the rent!”

However, Issue #4 digs in and gives that emotional heft I’ve been waiting for. Amazing how far a little backstory will go and how through that backstory, emotional conflict and moments of beauty are created. Things go from chases and survival to something more complex, something more human, which is what any Christmas story should contain.

This shift in depth isn’t a surprise, but it is welcome after the first three issues and tells me the next three issues should only build on what’s just been done. I’m glad I’ve shown some patience, as this may just prove a truly worthwhile read yet.

And, Dan Mora’s art is superb. He really brings this very specific comic book style story to life in the perfect comic book way.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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