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‘Mystery Girl #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The final issue of the first story arc in Mystery Girl, the story of Trine who can solve any mystery just by being in the presence of something or someone, wraps up but doesn’t quite fulfill – but it doesn’t upset either. It, in fact, leaves you with the prospect of more story and perhaps an even bigger story.

But, let’s discuss this story first. Paul Tobin’s playful energy gets this issue started off right with secondary characters fighting for their lives against hitmen that are hilariously outmatched, and while it’s good to see these supporting characters being dealt with in a fun way as part of the wrap up, it then leaves the main protagonist and antagonist – two really intriguing characters – to take part in a chase scene and that’s about it.  I wanted that chess-like game play that became a part of their conflict to be part of the resolution, but it takes a backseat and because of that the villain doesn’t seem quite as crafty as I was hoping. The fallout from that is that the ultimate victory seems a little too easy, but still enjoyable.

Alberto J. Alburquerque’s artwork simply comes to life on the page. Part of the joy is watching how he draws these incredibly likable characters.

There is a vitality to this series simply because the two creators, Tobin and Alburquerque, who spend time really bringing their characters to vivid life. It’s for this reason that I look forward to seeing where they take Trine next.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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