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‘Venus #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

It’s difficult for me to believe that the next issue will be the final issue of Rick Loverd and Huang Danlan’s Venus. There are layers and layers of world building happening. You can feel the breadth of the universe they’ve created expand little by little with every passing issue, all seen through the eyes of the remaining crew of astronauts who find themselves stuck on the hostile planet, Venus.

At the center of this universe are characters written so well that I keep imagining that Doctor Who is going to jump out, but there is no powerful entity alien here to save them. The trouble our newly appointed Captain finds herself in continues to ratchet up from all sides, and we somehow find ourselves not questioning her, even though many others are. The human mind and that human need to survive no matter the situation drives our characters forward – no matter how impossible it may seem at first.

This mini sci-fi odyssey is a blast, serving as an adventure and mystery. With danger on the surface of the planet and brewing in the hearts of men, what will kill them all first?


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