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‘Klaus #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Basically this is Santa: Year One with some Siberian lore and shamanism mixed in – which is a pretty cool premise. A village has been under the iron fist of a man wearing a black cloak and hood. No toys, no celebrating, no joy – and, apparently, he’s working upon the whims of another greater, darker power that whispers from the shadows. Who? We don’t know yet. Meanwhile, Klaus, a very buff, Viking-like pre-Santa, is working as a vigilante in town, spreading toys to all the children and being chased around by city guards because of it. He has a white wolf at his side. Even though he’s shown a bit of reluctance, the forest spirits encourage him to continue his self-appointed quest.

Not much happens in Issue #3 of Klaus from Grant Morrison and Dan Mora. This is the shuffling of the deck. A few elements are revealed, but even the interstitial moments seem to lack a strong, distinct voice that generally makes Morrison’s stories jump off the page.

It’s a fun premise, and I enjoyed the first two issues. I felt less involved in this issue than I have. There has been a joy to the action, a creative burst of energy which slows here. Morrison excels at recreating myths of all kinds – from Superman to Batman. At his best, his writing is permeated by fanciful storytelling gamesmanship; you can feel the joy he’s getting out of creation. This feels like a rest from the forward movement to let some new ideas settle in. We’ll see where it takes us. Thankfully, Mora’s art is really quite lovely. He brings to life this fantasy village, grounding it in the reality a story like this needs.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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