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‘Mystery Girl #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

An intellectual game of cat and mouse. Chess played by two masters. An unheard of skill, Trine is able to solve all mysteries just by knowing them, versus an assassin with skills and obsessive tendencies that make him very dangerous. How do you trick a person who knows what’s happening just because she knows and how do you use your mystery solving power to outsmart a killer who is freaking clever? This is the story in issue three of Mystery Girl.

And it’s entertaining.

Trine finds herself in the freezing cold, snow-covered lands of Russia seeking Woolly Mammoth carcasses and discovers some deeper mysteries: a mass grave and something else – though I wonder why she didn’t know what those deeper mysteries were? Which begs the question does Trine’s powers have limitations? Or is this a plot hole? Either way, Paul Tobin’s writing is clever, and Alberto J. Alburquerque’s art is lively and fun. The book is enjoyable from beginning to end, and the ante is continually being be raised, which means issue four should be a blast.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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