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‘This Damned Band #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I’m in it until the end. Issue #5 of 6 of Paul Cornell and Tony Parker’s occult, rock-umentary comedy gives some major revelations and begins to reveal the ultimate consequences of a rock band lost in its own revelry.

As I read, the dry and witty tone that the comic has held close to starts to work against it. Things typically should escalate as revelations drop, but I still feel the plateau; however, there isn’t really anything typical about This Damned Band. I’ve felt wheels spinning earlier in the run only to see the engine rev and vehicle burst forward the very next issue. I have no idea if the final issue is going to finish on a high note, one worth replaying over and over again like an old cassette tape, or if everything will fall flat.

The revelations certainly didn’t surprise me that much, but following Cornell’s career these last couple years and knowing he’s a clever guy, I have a feeling it’s what he does with the revelation that will be the story worth reading.

Everything from the art to the design continues to be pitch perfect.

And now, I wait one more month . . .

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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