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‘Mystery Girl #1:’ Comic Book Review

I’m currently completely invested in Paul Tobin’s other series on the stands right now, Colder: Toss the Bones, and loving every second of it. I also found his follow-up Prometheus from the Dark Horse Fire and Stone series to be riveting. I wanted to see what he did with something non-horror related.

Mystery Girl is highly enjoyable. Trine is a street P.I. She sets up on the street as a palm reader might and solves people’s mysteries, only she doesn’t have to do any actual investigating – she just knows. ALL MYSTERIES REVEALED!! EVERYTHING SOLVED (ALREADY) her sign states, and she has a 100% batting average. She helps everyone from her neighbors to police officers looking for a break in their investigations.

Meanwhile, a sadistic hitman right out of the dark recesses of Tobin’s brain begins revolving around Trine’s world at the same time that she decides to step out of her comfort zone and do a little leg work herself.

It’s a lighter side of Tobin, and he’s chosen another great artist to work with – Alberto J. Alburquerque (Letter 44) who brings an almost whimsical, cinematic feeling to the book. Marissa Louise’s colors capture a lush city landscape full of parks and water fountains. Juxtaposed with that is the choice to use hues of purple over one of the darker scenes which makes it visually really interesting, and the way they treat flashbacks is incredibly dynamic.

I’m pleased to say I enjoyed this first issue and am looking forward to the second. It presents a truly original character and with that will come fresh situations to challenge her.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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