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‘Cognetic #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

After reading James Tynion IV and Eryk Donovan’s first issue of Cognetic, I went back and read (and highly favorably reviewed) the first arc in this thematically related series of stories, Memetic, and it really got under my skin.

I sit down to read Issue #2 of Cognetic. This is only days after the attacks on Paris, Baghdad, and Beirut and hearing other stories of terrorism over the past year I had heard nothing about. I had no idea the synchronicity that was about to occur. Tynion and Donovan are touching upon the most relevant issues in our world through David Cronenberg-like landscapes with characters that have souls and fears and who seek connection with one another. In both stories, that seeking of connection, that need to be a part of something has gone wrong.

Memetic tackled the spreading of information through social networks and the effect it can have on people when being used as a tool by perhaps the wrong minds. Cognetic tackles the spreading of ideology and how it is almost impossible to fight against. People literally become the tentacles of the mastermind, lashing out at anything trying to stop it.

The creators have found a way to burrow into the subconscious of the readers by exacting visions of unimaginable, nightmarish chaos onto the things we witness on an everyday basis and, in turn, creating a very real fear. This is conceptual horror, horror that gets under the skin, horror kind of how it was meant to be – to allow us to see the world in a fresh way so that we perhaps can think of it in a way we haven’t before. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein used a monster sewn together from dead body parts to show us who we have the potential to be in the same way Tynion and Donovan are showing us who we have the potential to be . . . if we’re not careful.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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