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‘Postal Dossier #1:’ Comic Book Review

The title of the book doesn’t lie. Postal Dossier #1 is really just that, a few pages of exposition introducing a reason for a dossier to exist, and then there’s about fourteen pages of classified files. I realized the further I got into it that this is one of those things creators will publish so that people starting fresh with their book several issues in will get a clear picture of what’s happening. I have never read an issue of Postal by Matt Hawkins, but now I know what it’s about.

An intriguing premise: A small town completely uncharted and off the maps called Eden houses criminals. They have a population of over 2000 of them living life away from punishment they so deserve. Agent Simpson is the man who’s been taking it upon himself to dig into this, behind the agency’s back. Simpson wears his emotions on his shoulder and even in the few pages left for him to dialogue, he comes off as self-absorbed and a tad immature. I’m not sure how we’d get along in a larger story setting.

The book lays out the premise and gives you character psychological profiles of some of the bigger deals in Eden. Aside from this, I really have no idea how the comic would be, and don’t feel like picking it up. Truly, the creators stepped out to try something different, but with all information and no intrigue, and no reason to care about Simpson who in this issue is merely a mouthpiece to introduce us to the premise of the book, there’s really nothing to grab onto.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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