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‘Sons of the Devil: Volume 1’ – Advance TPB Review

Sons of the Devil is one of my favorite series being published currently, and after having read the collection of the first five issues (and some interesting bonus stories), I feel bad. Going along, there were details I mis-remembered. Incorrect details written into reviews about previous issues. First, let me apologize to the creators for those mistakes. Secondly, let me say that the way those details were written were far better than the way I remembered.

Reading month to month is a very different experience in general than reading straight through. You feel the organic flow and rhythm of the complete story arc, and Sons plays just as well, in fact better, reading straight through like this.

In brief, it’s about a man in his ’30s, Travis, with a violent streak. He’s been an orphan all his life, but one of his foster brothers approaches him one day with a photo. The man in the photo has one red and one blue eye, just like Travis. Travis wants nothing to do with it – he’s trying to build a life with his girlfriend and he’s been own that road too many times. When his foster brother is murdered and he’s called “The chosen one” before being attacked, he’s dragged into a psychological game involving a cult whose leader may or may not be speaking directly to Satan.

Brian Buccellato’s script is emotionally impactful. The characters react and push the story forward based on how they feel about things and are not merely pin balls to the situation. Simply put, it’s one of the most character-driven psychological horror stories around right now. Toni Infante’s art allows you to see into the souls of these characters. You wait for those moments in each issue in which he’s given freedom to tell the story without dialogue, because his images tell you all you need to know.

This is a gripping tale, and I recommend that anyone who likes comics written with a mature hand give it a gander.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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