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‘Harrow County #7:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I’ve found Cullen Bunn to be a very interesting writer in the comic book world. He pops up everywhere, at any company he can get on board with. His books seem to keep an emphasis on horror and monsters, but not your typical blood-soaked slasher junk. He seems to focus on the myths and what actually makes these stories frightening – which has opened the path from writing Deadpool to Moon Knight over at Marvel. With his recent Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, he managed to inject a welcome dosage of pathos into a character that often produces laughs from me.

With Harrow County, Bunn seems to have spent his time truly focusing on the myth: Twin sisters, separated since they were young, have powers that interact with the creatures that hide in the shadows and swamps, places we are afraid to go. Emmy is the good twin, dressed in virginal blue, and Kammi is the not-so-good twin, dressed in red – both have bright, happy smiles. Can you guess which one unsettles you? The farm and countryside they live in and around seems more like a playground for disenfranchised creatures of darkness than your typical zoological findings. Squirrels have been replaced with corpses being controlled by rats. Joy!

Bunn is working with Tyler Crook (B.P.R.D Hell on Earth, Creepy), a wonderful artist that brings a storybook quality to his work on this comic. It helps that he adds a watercolor feel to the coloring, which makes the horror elements that much more unnerving. With my limited knowledge of events preceding this issue, I must say they know how to lay out the sequential art to build toward things unexpected. Every page is a psychological mini-maze, building to reveals that push the reader forward deeper into the story. Kammi has a plan, what that is, we don’t know yet, but following the journey and meeting unexpected friends is a pleasure. A pleasure enough to keep me coming back to see where this is going and maybe to find out what happened before.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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