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‘Citizen Jack #1:’ Comic Book Review

I got really excited reading the first issue of Citizen Jack, because I love satire. Not just satire. Good satire. Satire that has a strong point of view, is relevant, and with characters that not only jump but tumble off the page in all their awkward glory.

Sam Humphries’ Citizen Jack couldn’t come at a better time as we move full swing into election season. Our un-titular character, Jack Northworthy, has reached rock bottom. His dreams were suddenly swept away as a youth, and his other biggest accomplishment is one that gives me unending joy (for you to find out). Alas, a demon in the back of his snow blower business in Minnesota will make him President if Jack does something for him in return. You can already see the lucrative cache of potential satirical payoff being set up.

Humphries brings the same kooky, childish joy he’s instilled into his Starlord run at Marvel Comics (which was my introduction to his work). Tommy Patterson’s art (Farscape, A Game of Thrones) grabs hold of that mirthful, chaotic energy and runs with it. His Jack is equal parts obnoxious, pathetic, and sympathetic.

Where the first issue goes, I’ll leave for you to find out, but so far, it’s an absolute pleasure to read. I finished the final page with a big grin on my face, ready to continue the ride.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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