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‘Zodiac Starforce #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Every now and then, you have to do a cool thing as a boyfriend. My girlfriend is a huge Sailor Moon fan – she sings along with the opening credits. I’m an anime fan, so one day not long ago, I suggested we watch the new series, and so we are. It’s really entertaining watching her face light up. The good thing is, I’m also enjoying it. Far more than I imagined I would. Zodiac Starforce has the same sort of appeal. Awesome and entertaining female characters who do power poses to activate their magical abilities that have been given to them by a force from the astral plane named Astra! I can almost hear a theme song playing over the top of their transformation scenes.

In my review of the first issue, I noted how smart a choice it was not to do an origin story and simply to dive into what would typically be considered a sequel. The characters have grown, they’ve been through some earth-shattering and life-changing stuff, and Kevin Panetta is doing a marvelous job in using these experiences to heighten the drama, character interaction, life-and-death stakes, and, most importantly, fun! We get to see some of the characters use their powers in this issue that weren’t able to last issue – woo!

If you didn’t read the first issue, Emma, the leader, has been infected by some sort of virus through contact with an astral monster and was told she is going to die. The team not only has to contend with this, but also a deluge of monsters, a possible new villain, a mysterious girl, a budding romance, powers that may or may not be working the way they should (with possibly insane repercussions!), and all while dealing with the ups and downs of high school.

Paulina Ganucheau – handling art, colors, and lettering like a beast – makes this book hers. Every panel pops with life. She has a way of exaggerating the environment, blocking her characters, and balancing expressions between cartoonish characterization and truthful emotions that creates a cohesive world of real-life high school dilemmas and interpersonal relationships with the magical girl awesomeness we all want to see! (Yes, even this thirty-seven-year-old boyfriend!)

Get this for your girls and boys – get this for yourself. I can’t imagine it won’t be enjoyed.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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