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‘Arcadia #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

There is a moment in Alan Moore’s Watchmen when Dr. Manhattan is talking about the miracle of life and we’re led on a journey through the stars. I remember this moment specifically, as I’m sure many do. It is not a personal moment as it was shared with readers everywhere, but one that was felt like it was. I remember crying. Moore has this way of drawing you into not only his story, but his thoughts, his wants, his humanity, and, many times, the destruction or loss of it. In this case it was the discovery of it. Reading the current issue of Arcadia, it felt like I was being teased into someone else’s dreams in the same way. It’s poetry of ideas and art – a symphony of words and images. There are things presented that I personally have never seen that kind of blew my mind.

These ideas being discussed in Alex Paknadel (writer) and Eric Scott Pfeiffer’s (artist) book are in no way surface. They cut to the meat and bones of the world around us through the world of Arcadia. Truth is being presented that, at times, is difficult to listen to. At the same time, there is discovery. An adventure and a mystery that with every issue we go deeper into – a rabbit hole of surrealism and symbolism.

The visual tapestry presented tells both the physical story and the underlying one.

The more issues I read of this series, the more I am convinced that it is a piece of art, which very few comic books even really aspire to be. Put on your thinking caps and prepare yourself for a journey both physical and psychological. This ambitious book, while at moments difficult to follow every thread, never loses you and always captures the imagination.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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